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CWA Global Alumni Association

CWA Global Alumni Association is soliciting volunteers for  the  Projects, Membership and Social committees. Please contact the Managing Officers at if you are interested. Each of the following committees will have five members.


The responsibility of this committee is to develop a plan of action, propose, design, and manage the implementation of projects. The chairperson shall provide reports and updates at each scheduled board meeting.


The responsibility of this committee is to recruit and retain members. It will also maintain the database of members’ contact information. The Membership committee will also be responsible for planning each annual meeting in collaboration with other committees and officers as determined by the President.


Please see the Regional Pack Guidelines for more information about the structure of the Social Committee and the Packs.

CWAGAA Regional Pack Guidelines


The chair of the Scholarship Committee will be appointed by the President.  The Managing Officers along with members of the appointed Scholarship Committee will craft the responsibility and scope of the Scholarship Committee.

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