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The committees herein are to aid the Executive Team implement applicable tasks, in keeping with their elected mandate. The specific committees will streamline the Executive Team’s functions and focus on specific areas within the organization that are of the greatest priority. The Race of Wisdom (ROW) Chairperson or his designee will serve as the Executive Sponsor for each committee. Each committee will consist of three (3) to seven (7) members, one of whom will chair the committee.

*The Executive Sponsor, if not also a member of the committee, does not have to attend every committee meeting, but must be aware of the committee’s activities, and approve all committee’s deliverables.


Roles & Responsibilities of the Executive Sponsor:

  • Appoint/Select Committee Members

  • Approve all project related budgets

  • Ensure resources are available to each committee to facilitate their function

  • Approve all changes to the project scope or committee’s scope

  • Approve all deliverables


General Roles & Responsibilities of Committees:

  • Design strategies to implement the functions of the committee

  • Implement designated committee projects

  • Ensure that all committee activities add value to the organization

  • Provide regular updates to the Executive Team


Executive Sponsor: Dr. Felix P. Gbee 

Chairperson: Mr. Samuel T. Cole


  • Ms. Abba Sackey

  • Ms. Lousie Johnson

  • Cllr. Nester B. Urey


Purpose: Advise the Executive Team on all matters of the organization, to include, but not limited to projects, financial obligations, policies, and memberships. Members of the advisory shall stay on for at least three months into the new leadership term.


Roles & Responsibilities of Committee Members:

  • Make recommendations and/or provide key information to the Executive Team

  • Evaluate the performance of the organization and/or specific projects and provide observations and recommendations for improvement

  • Provide feedback to the Executive Team from the members where applicable

  • Meet with the Executive Team and/or the Executive Sponsor with a regularity that is appropriate for a project’s needs


Executive Sponsors: Ms. Abba M. Sackey & Mr. Bobby Garmonyou Davies

Chairperson: Ms. Marlene Peterson


  • Ms. Joy Kennedy Saytonneh

  • Ms. Louise Johnson

  • Mr. Samuel T. Cole

  • Mrs. Sandra Dempster-Sinayoko


Purpose: Design initiatives to recruit and retain members of the organization.


Roles & Responsibilities of Committee Members:

  • Actively recruit and retain members through direct contact

  • Follow up to ensure new members are registered

  • Create welcome letter and ensure that all new members receive information timely

  • Contact inactive members as needed

  • Create and implement strategies to engage and retain members

  • Check on members well being


Executive Sponsor: Dr. Felix P. Gbee

Chairperson: Dr. Yatta S. Wapoe


  • Ms. Albertine Kemoh

  • Ms. Hawa Jallaqueena Konneh

  • Dr. Felix P. Gbee

  • Mr. Samuel T. Cole

  • Mrs. Siatta King


Purpose: Execute project plans within the scope, time, quality, objectives, and budget standards of the organization.


Roles & Responsibilities of Committee Members:

  • Identify at least one project and two alternate projects for consideration

  • Develop a project plan for the designated project, to include scope, quality, schedule, objectives, and budget. 

  • Oversee the implementation of the designated project(s) - Documenting the methodology used to implement project, managing deliverables, and verifying quality.

  • Report to the Executive Team on project milestones

  • Determine solutions to mitigate problems during the project implementation

  • Provide recommendations for future project

  • Draft a report at the end of project.

  • Work with members to establish and meet the needs of the organization


Executive Sponsors: Ms. Yanka R. Mucorlor & Atty. Nester B. Urey

Chairperson: Ms. Madia Moore


  • Dr. Felix P. Gbee

  • Ms. Janjay Hudson

  • Mr. Lemuel Cole

  • Dr. Yatta S. Wapoe


Purpose: Review/Audit the organization’s financial records.


Roles & Responsibilities of Committee Members:

  • Ensure there are policies to ensure the long-term financial health of the organization

  • Perform financial audits (quarterly and annually)

  • Verify that the organization is filing taxes within established legal timeframes


Executive Sponsors: Dr. Yatta S. Wapoe

Chairperson: Ms. Albertine Kemoh


  • Ms. Abba Sackey

  • Mr. Bobby Garmonyou Davies

  • Mrs. Deddeh Mulbah Pusah

  • Dr. Felix P. Gbee

  • Ms. Hawa Jallaqueena Konneh

  • Ms. Janjay Hudson

  • Ms. Louise Johnson

  • Ms. Marlene Peterson

  • Mrs. Sandra Dempster-Sinayoko

  • Mrs. Tanya Mosley

  • Ms. Willimina Wordsworth

  • Ms. Yanka Mucorlor


Purpose: Raising funds to support the organization’s initiatives.


Roles & Responsibilities of Committee Members:

  • Identify and implement fund raising activities

  • Plan the Organization’s annual Gala

  • Create and maintain social media presence to ensure visibility of the organization


Executive Sponsor: Ms. Albertine Kemoh

Chairperson: Mrs. Tanya Mosley


  • Mr. Alanso Bessman

  • Ms. Albertine Kemoh

  • Mrs. Anita Verdier

  • Dr. Felix P. Gbee

  • Mrs. Mamassa Kamara

  • Mr. Samuel T. Cole

  • Mrs. Siatta King


Purpose: Develop and implement academic initiatives.


Roles & Responsibilities of Committee Members:

  • Identify and implement academic initiatives

  • Manage the ROW Academic Scholarship program

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