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Race Of Wisdom
College of West Africa
Class of 1994


Welcome Message From the Chairman

The College of West Africa (CWA) is a source of great community pride. CWA helped define who we have become. The graduates and associates of this great class, the Race of Wisdom (ROW), Class of 1994, continue to achieve and make our communities and country better. Today we are doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and professionals in our communities.

The ROW organization was created to foster and develop pride, prestige, and partnership amongst classmates, alumni, friends, students, and communities; and to promote the value of education and the legacy of the CWA.

I used the term “alumni” very loosely because we do not want to exclude; rather we want to include anyone who has a connection to our class! All graduates, parents of graduates, former classmates, and staff members of the Class of 94 are welcome to join ROW.

The objectives of ROW are to:

  • Support the College of West Africa;

  • Support Members of the Race of Wisdom;

  • Sponsor initiatives that exhibit Class pride;

  • Build camaraderie amongst our members; and

  • Provide networking, career, and professional support. 

I invite you to join this dynamic class; Become A Member and follow and like us on Facebook, and Instagram.

I also invite businesses and friends of CWA to become a ROW Sponsor. Your name and logo will be published on our group’s Facebook page, and organization website. You will also be recognized at future events. 

Thanks for visiting. 



Dr. Felix P. Gbee



Learn more about our organization, including our mission and policies. 

Learn about our scholarship program and support the cause.  

See what we've done to improve our alma mater. 

See what our ROW members have been up to over the years.

Pay your membership dues or donate to make a difference. 

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